What to Expect For Your Dental Implant Appointment

Dental Implants are not simply for aesthetics but play a much more integral role. While feeling and looking confident with your restored smile will add more years to your life and life into your years, dental implants are critically important, particularly if you have only recently had a tooth extraction or a missing tooth. First Class Dental Care of Sioux Falls, SD is the local quality expert that will guide you through the dental implant process.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants help to replace missing teeth in your mouth, regardless of the situation. Implants may sometimes follow tooth extraction or may be added to your mouth if they have been lost. There are many different solutions, even if several teeth are missing, or if they are only partially chipped and damaged.

What Should I Expect Before Receiving Dental Implants?

To assist with the anxiety before your dental implant procedure below is the overall procedure and what you can expect.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will contain an evaluation by the physician and their team. After correctly diagnosing the condition, proper treatment will be recommended. At this time, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions which have not been answered.

Crafting Your Perfect Teeth

After the consultation, an additional appointment may be booked to model and mold the perfect tooth (or teeth) to match your unique case. The tooth will be fully functional and match the color of the other teeth in your mouth.

During and Post-Procedure

Depending on the level of complication of the procedure, the dentist may employ different forms of sedation. Your new tooth will be implanted, forever fixing the structural integrity of your mouth. At this time, the team will provide you with aftercare instructions.

Your Local Quality Dentist

Still unsure and have questions? The team at First Class Dental Care is here to help. During your initial appointment, our professional team will make sure you have the confidence to win back a healthier and happier smile.

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