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coralee m on 01-11-2015

I had an emergency my tooth broke in half I searched the phone book and Dr. Beecroft was the only one I could get in to see. He told me about Vibe and I had him try it. It worked awesome I have a new dentist.

Dora J.

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Beecroft, he is VERY helpful, kind and knowledgeable. He takes the time to answer ALL your questions and he explains things clearly so you can understand your dental health very well. The members of his staff are also very friendly and professional. Don't hesitate to visit his office, you won't regret it!.

Nancy R.

Very friendly staff with excellent customer service skills. Dr Beecroft has a wonderful business sense along with a great sense of humor.

Rhonda H on 04-10-2014.

I had 2 old fillings that needed to be fixed. Dr. Beecroft used the DentalVibe when he administered the injection of Novocain. It was wonderful as I didn't feel a thing. Thank you for a great experience.

Shelby O on 03-21-2014.

It was a great pain free experience !

Kim W on 06-26-2014.

Very Good experience, wonderful dentist

Theresa L on 08-29-2014

I have been scared crazy of getting shots to numb my mouth to fix cavities since I was a kid. I'm in my 40`s so it's been a little while! The dentist that I had to go to, from a small town, was above a clothing store (in the 80`s).we called this poor guy the horse doctor. The pitch from the needle was absolutely the worst!! Especially for the cavities in the front of my mouth. Anxiety and and complete fear came along every time I had an appointment. As time went along,I discovered gas,nitrous oxide. This was expensive..although, it helped me a great deal. Now, I'm not a fan of seeing space ships and hearing colors, so I would delay appointments until I couldn't stand the pain frontal cavities were throwing at me. Last week, one of my brittle front canine teeth broke off.I made an appointment with a new dentist.I knew I had to get the gap in my teeth fixed since "hillbilly" is not a good look for me. Dr.Z. Beecroft put the Q-tip covered with bubblegum flavored numbing stuff on my gums and was instantly brought back to the heart racing, anxiety filled kid sitting in that upstairs office in the 80`s. Dr.Z then said,"This is gonna be awesome...I have a new thing that will help this along!" The Dental Vibe was placed on my gums and it went to town! It felt a little funny, but in a good way. He then said, "You're doing great!" I had to ask if he was doing the shots of novicaine. He said,"I'm done!" My only response was, "No way!" Stunned and in awe, I actually relaxed!! BEST. Invention. EVER!! This device has completely changed my views on dentists and the work they do! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!