Today, dentures are no longer the only option for people who lost most of their teeth. Oral health care providers have found several effective procedures on how to make people’s lives better, which includes all on four dental implants.

But just like having dentures, implants also require special attention when it comes to cleaning, primarily that it will determine if they will last for a long time or you will enjoy having them.

How to clean all on Four dental implants? Gently brush them in a circular motion during your regular oral care routine then use unwaxed floss to remove food particles between teeth. Use water flosser to reach places where a brush can’t, and a rubber top gum stimulator to clean the gumline.

If you are planning to have all on four dental implants, check out the step by step guide on how to properly clean them below.

We will also be discussing the importance of having good oral hygiene for people who have implants and how to maintain healthy ones.

Why Oral Hygiene Is Important For All On Four Dental Implants

For people who lost all their teeth, all on four dental implants are your best option to enjoy having complete functioning teeth again.

This surgical and technique prosthodontics procedure involves four dental implants supporting all teeth for total rehabilitation of decayed teeth, badly broken down teeth, or compromised teeth because of gum disease.

It is crucial to observe proper hygiene to keep the dental implants healthy after having them and up to the coming years ahead. The use of effective oral care products also plays a vital role in this.

Proper oral hygiene can prevent peri-implantitis, gum disease, and infections. Peri-implantitis is a gum disease that is mainly experienced by individuals with dental implants.

Meanwhile, the denture which the implants hold needs proper cleaning too. The reason behind it is to keep them look good even after years of having them.

When your dentures, implants, and gums are clean, of course, you will have a fresh breath, clean mouth, and bright smile.

Proper Way Of Cleaning All On Four Dental Implants

Here is a simple but very effective step by step guide on how to clean all on four dental implants:

Step 1: Brush

This step is not different from your regular oral care routine. Besides, brushing your teeth two times daily is a must.

You must choose a quality soft-bristled toothbrush that can do the job, whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush.

Afterwards, put enough amount of toothpaste on the brush then brush your natural teeth, gums, and mouth for about 2 to 3 minutes.

To ensure better results, brush in a gentle, circular motion from your teeth to your gum line.

Step 2: Floss Your Teeth

Use super floss or unwaxed floss to remove food particles between your teeth. Do this step before using a water flosser.

Step 3: Utilize A Waterpik Or Water Flosser

Brushing alone is not adequate to clean your teeth. Unfortunately, there are places where even the softest brush bristles can’t reach, so you need another tool to do the job.

Dentists highly recommend the use of water flosser at least once daily to remove food particles in between teeth and other places in the mouth where brushing is not sufficient.

This tool is basically an oral irrigation tool that utilizes water to reach right down to the gum-line.

Step 4: Use Rubber Top Gum Stimulator

Another way to clean all on four dental implants is by using rubber top gum stimulator. As its name suggests, this tool features a rubber tip designed to trace the gum line gently.

The reason why this tool is recommended for cleaning all on four dental implants is mainly that the fake teeth are not knitted tightly into the gum.

For this reason, food particles are most likely to accumulate in between the implants. When it happens, there is a high risk of infection, which is the number one thing that you should avoid if you have all on four implants.

You have to make sure that all corners of your teeth, gums, and mouth are clean all the time to avoid this.

Among the main reasons why people skip this step is that it adds up to your oral care routine time.

But for those who want to keep their all on four dental implants clean and at their best condition, this step is worth the shot. Excellent oral hygiene is among the secrets of a pain-free all on four dental implants.

Aside from that, you will be able to enjoy your implants longer.

Things To Do For Healthier All On Four Dental Implants

If you wish to enjoy a healthy all on four dental implants for a long time, you should avoid tobacco products.

Chewing tobacco or smoking can increase your risk of peri-implantitis and periodontal disease that may further lead to implant failure. While it is early, quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

Doing so might not be easy, but having implant failure after a successful procedure will be a waste of money, pain, time, and effort.

Also, attend regular dental checkups to make sure that the result of your treatment and your dental health is at best.

Schedule meeting your dentist every six months to prevent serious issues such as gum disease and infection, as well as to ensure dental wellness.


To conclude, all on four dental implants require more time and effort to keep them clean.

Unlike natural teeth, you need to ensure that the gap between the implants and your gums are free of food particles, which will cause infection when not taken care of.

For this reason, people who have dental implants should utilize the most effective products, including soft-bristle brush, a water flosser, unwaxed floss, toothpaste, and among others.

But most importantly, you should observe the right process of cleaning implants to ensure that they are in the best condition every day.