Questioning if you need emergency dental care? We can help.

For emergency dental Sioux Falls patients rely on First Class Dental Care. We understand that life happens around the clock, not just during regular business hours so call 605-271-9330 right way. We’ll do our best to get you treated immediately. Dental trauma can be scary, we want you to know that we’re here to help.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

Nearly all dental related emergency room visits could have been handled by an emergency dentist for a fraction of the cost. Patients might be unsure of what emergency dental care can address. Here are a few situations that we can help with right here in our office, as well as tips on how to handle them. Following these suggestions might mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth.


Every toothache should be evaluated by a dentist, but not every toothache is a reason to seek emergency dental care. However, if the pain is unbearable or you are experiencing swelling, fever or dizziness that you suspect is tooth-related, call First Class Dental right away. We don’t want you to suffer, and the situation could be very serious! If the pain isn’t unbearable, you might try rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water first, then gently slip floss between the sore tooth and its neighbor to remove any debris that might be causing discomfort.

A Bitten or Cut Tongue or Lip

Gently clean the area with a cloth and carefully apply a cold compress to help reduce swelling. If the bleeding is excessive or prolonged, contact us for emergency dental care or see a doctor as soon as possible.

Broken, Chipped or Cracked Tooth/Teeth

A broken or cracked tooth is a common dental emergency. These can be very painful, but occasionally they will not hurt at all. Whether there is pain or not, you should call us immediately to schedule emergency dental care. Cleanse the area with warm water, and then gently apply a cold compress to manage swelling. If the tooth is chipped or broken, carefully wrap the fragment in wet paper towel and bring it with you.

Broken Jaw

Apply ice immediately and go to the emergency room. If you have lost teeth as well, notify the emergency dentist at First Class Dental.

Permanent Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

  1. Find that tooth!
  2. Holding the tooth by the crown (the chewing surface), use water to carefully rinse off any dirt from the root. DO NOT SCRUB or remove any attached tissue!
  3. Using neighboring teeth as a guide, try to gently insert the tooth into the empty socket and position it as closely as possible to its original position. Hold it firmly in place with your fingers.
  4. If you are unable to get it into its socket, place the tooth in a cup or plastic baggie of milk and call us for emergency dental care right away!
  5. Be sure to bring the tooth with you when you come!

Broken Partial, Bridge, Crown or Dentures

These may be reasons to call an emergency dentist, as they may make it difficult or impossible to chew or speak properly. If your dental crown has fallen off, it’s important to see your dentist within 48 hours to have your crown inspected and possibly re-cemented. Teeth with missing crowns may begin to move out of alignment, making it difficult to re-use the original crown. Find as many pieces of your missing dental work as possible, wrap them in a cloth and call our office as soon as you can!

Infected Wisdom Tooth

An infected wisdom tooth not only hurts, it can be dangerous.  If you are experiencing pain in the wisdom tooth area, which may affect the whole jaw, neck and throat, you should have it checked out by an emergency dentist. An infected wisdom tooth may also lead to a sore throat, swelling of the lymph glands beneath the jaw, or swelling in the face/jaw itself. You may also notice pus draining from the area or have a bad smell or taste in your mouth. It may hurt to chew. If you are experiencing symptoms from what you suspect is an infected wisdom tooth, contact us for emergency dental care.

First Class Dental Can Help with Dental EmergenciesPlease call First Class Dental to request emergency dental care if you or a loved one are experiencing a severe toothache, knock out or cause severe damage to a tooth, or otherwise find yourself in need of an emergency dentist. We do everything we can to see emergency patients immediately.

Our dentist, Dr. Beecroft, and his team are here to provide the emergency dental Sioux Falls patients need for life after normal business hours. We want you to know your concerns are our concerns. Our practice is state-of-the-art, offering modern technologies and techniques in a laid-back, friendly environment.

If your symptoms are life threatening, call 911 or go the nearest emergency room immediately!